『まだ東京で消耗していますけど? 』 I'm still exhausted in Tokyo?












好きな理由1 いろんな人との出会いが良かれ悪かれ多い



















好きな理由2 東京はそれぞれの分野の戦闘民族が集まる街




















This time, Mr. Ikeda Hayato's "Are you exhausted in Tokyo yet?" In vain against us,
"I'm still exhausted in Tokyo? This is an article called.
Basically I admire Mr. Ikeda Hayato and I have my blogging history up to one month and I am going to write blogs on a premise that nobody has read anything .
Although I myself live in Tokyo, it makes me feel uncomfortable or inconvenient, but I think that it is suitable for me with a lot of kettles and I like Tokyo.
This time we will roughly introduce two reasons.
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Favorite reason 1 Encounter with various people is good or bad
I think that it is getting less changed in rural areas, but there are many things to see and listen to, even if there is no direct involvement, such as interesting people, human beings who have never seen, people who are sick, etc. Is not it.
Therefore, there are also scenes to be irritated, as well as myself, of course, but since the basics are through, I do not have any problem.
I think that I want to manage good things mainly by learning from people, but on the other hand? I think thru is OK in thinking.
Regarding the time zone and the place where there are many passengers, it is not only a matter of concern because it is only around the station that there are many passersby.
Human relationships are certainly tiring and I think that I would like to relax in the countryside,
I think that construction and destruction of human relations is a certain meaning to some extent so it is a good thing to do whatever you want.
Whether in the country, Tokyo or abroad do not matter much?
Do you want to get involved with people? Do not you want to engage as much as possible? I think.
I think that I would like to get involved with various people from now on for growth and study, and even if I betrayed, even if I suffer damage to myself, I think that it is experience.
Favorite reason 2 Tokyo is a town where battle races in each field gather
Everyone in the dragon ball is Saya people.
Among them, there are Super Saiyans, there are 2, 3, 4 and Blue.
It is true that all the battle races Saya are getting lots of gruesome, and the one that aims for the best is cruel
Although it is a story, there are many ways to get out of the head in another way
I think, I want to compete with someone, the feeling that I want to stand on someone, I am doing my job
I think that it will continue to exist as a desire among the people who do.
Among them, more than anyone in this city! I do not have much to say that,
In the meaning of the future, it is a necessary experience to say that the time when massacre in these battle races
I think that I think that such period is important in the world of business and competition.
So, I think that it is good to be able to utilize the experiences, skills and education gained in Tokyo next time as much as being massaged, and if possible, go to the top of the organization.
Everyone does not think that only Tokyo is all, I think that it is totally ants to fight in Tokyo as a process of growth.
Thank you for seeing to the end.